Rails18xx is what I've been fooling around for over six years. It's supposed to be a suite of Windows applications to be used to configure 18xx variants and moderate 18xx games.

The suite is composed of:

TileDesigner 1.3.1 (4 April 2004)

This application is used to design new tiles and combine them in a tile dictionary. Even though it is incomplete, it does do what it's supposed to do. Help file is missing, but I have made a bilingual version. It is an MDI application.

You can download it and try it. I suggest you install it in "Program Files\Rails18xx", but you can install it elsewhere if you wish. It will create two INI files in the same directory as the EXE file. The tile dictionaries can be opened and saved anywhere you please. There is no installer and no uninstaller.

I have not included a tile dictionary with the application. You can download the ones I use here.

The tile dictionaries you create will have a default extension of 18T. If you like you can define a new file type and associate it to the application. If you then double-click on a 18T file, Windows should open the TileDesigner properly, and the TileDesigner will open the specified tile dictionary. (All this is, I think, a normal and expected behaviour). The tile dictionary files are readable (by a human, I mean). If you want to peek into them... please do so.

Since the help is missing, I'll give you some quick advice...

The generation of XML and images requires MSXML (probably version 3.0 or above). Please note that XML generation may not work properly on Win95... I'm not sure what the problem is, but it probably has something to do with MSXML.

The zip file (1275kb) contains only the TileDesigner.exe (2403kb) and the TDHistory.txt (22kb).

Previous versions:

GameSet Designer

This application is used to design new gamesets or variants.

More on this later.

Game Moderator

This application is used to play an 18xx game... well not actually *play*... We can't say that, can we... Let's say that is helps the players to do some bookeeping and what if analysis.

More on this later.