Sample HTML output

I've dedicated some time to automatic HTML generation, just to see if there would be any difficulties. These pages are build by the Tile Designer and Game Moderator applications. There's not much, and it certainly is very incomplete.

You will have to use the back button of your browser to get back to this page, as there is no Home button in these samples. Be aware that there are also some broken links.

The available samples are:

Stock market (GameModerator)
I did this because I wanted to see if nested tables could be handled well. Notice that the table row and column sizes are variable, depending on the corporation positions on the market. It's not complete, but I did get it to do what I wanted.
Tile set (GameModerator)
I did this to see how much space tiles would occupy, and to fiddle a bit with graphical formats and sizes. I settled on the gif format (as expected). The tiles that I uploaded are not very large (size 40), but I could generate larger ones by changing a line of code. The graphical rendering of tile details depends on the tile size used. Don't look at the tile set structure... for now, it's just a table with a list. Structure was not what I was after in these first trials. The current TileDesigner application is actually capable of more sophisticated graphics, but this sample represents a single game's tileset status.

Also notice that the generated samples are multi-lingual.